Sun and Moon Letters Happy Environment Day! Today we’ll be explaining our weekly lesson through environmental messages. Sun and moon letters are an important for pronouncing and understanding Arabic words. They affect the sound of the prefix “al-” preceding words, depending on the first letter of the word. Learn more here. This pronunciation can change

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   The letter alif is the first letter of the Arabic alphabet. It is roughly equivalent to “A” in English. However, it can be tricky in some ways. In this post, we introduce the different ways of writing alif. Adding hamza, madda, and diacritics changes the shape and sound of alif. It has different shapes

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In this beautiful song, Fayrouz sings in Modern Standard Arabic, based on a poem by Gibran Khalil Gibran, who is also very famous for his book “The Prophet”. Enjoy the song and the lyrics with their transliteration and English translation below.   a3te-ny al-naay wa-ghanni .. f-al-ghina sirr al-wujood أعطني الناي وغنِّ..فالغنا سرّ الوجود give

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Learning a language involves many aspects: Alphabet and writing system (orthography) Pronunciation and sounds of the language (Phonology) Language grammar (syntax) Words and vocabulary Language use for particular purposes (pragmatics) Other aspects of the language (social, cultural … etc) In Arabic, these aspects are intertwined to create significant challenges. For example, learning the alphabet involves

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