Learning Arabic is quite challenging in many ways. Just to read Arabic, there are several challenges:

  • Arabic is written from right to left
  • Letters are connected together, like cursive, so it is not easy to tell the letters apart within a word
  • Letters take different shapes depending on where they are in the word (beginning/middle/end)
  • Short vowels are not indicated by letters, but by diacritics applied to letters

Therefore, this courses teaches you the needed skills to overcome these challenges. By the end of the course, you will be able to recognize the letters within any Arabic word, and you will be able to sound it out.

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Arabic Sentence Structure and Function Words (Coming Soon)

When counting words used in any language, you’ll find that some words are very frequent in any context. For example, in English, you’ll find the word “the” as the most frequent, followed by word such as “of”, “in” .. etc. One thing these words have in common is that they are “function words”, meaning that they serve a grammatical function, as opposed to “content words”, such as nouns, verbs and adjectives. Studies in language acquisition for children indicate that children acquire content words before function words. These words are better understood within context and sentence structure. This course will be teaching the main function words in Arabic, and how to build simple sentences with them, and how to understand the bigger picture of Arabic sentence structure.

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