Champolu Method for learning Arabic

Learning a language involves many aspects:

  • Alphabet and writing system (orthography)
  • Pronunciation and sounds of the language (Phonology)
  • Language grammar (syntax)
  • Words and vocabulary
  • Language use for particular purposes (pragmatics)
  • Other aspects of the language (social, cultural … etc)

In Arabic, these aspects are intertwined to create significant challenges. For example, learning the alphabet involves learning Arabic sounds that do not exist in other languages. Therefore, Champolu learning method breaks down these aspects into manageable tasks, to allow learners to:

  • read and write in Arabic
  • identify and produce the different sounds of Arabic
  • Learn basic vocabulary
  • Learn basic grammar

The goal of this learning is to apply it to new written and spoken materials, such as news articles, simple dialogs and stories, and other types of material.

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