Month: June 2020

Sun and Moon Letters

Lesson # 6- Sun and Moon Letters
Happy Environment Day! Today we’ll be explaining our weekly lesson through environmental messages.

Our lesson today is about sun and moon letters, which are important for pronouncing and understanding Arabic words.
In Lesson # 3, we have seen how to use the article al- before words to make them definite, such as “the” in English.
However, since al- becomes part of the word, its pronunciation sometimes changes according to the first letter of the word.
This pronunciation can change by removing the “L” sound from al-, and doubling the sound of the next letter, using shaddah, which we learned in Lesson # 2.
Example: al-nahr (the river) >> an-nahr
When does this happen? It happens when the first letter of the word belongs to a group of letters called al-huroof ash-shamseyyah (sun letters). However, if the first letter is from the other group (al-huroof al-qamareyyah), al- is pronounced normally.
In this lesson, we will see which letters are sun letters and which are moon letters, and we will show an example sentence for a word beginning with each letter, together with al- . Please visit the page which has all the material, including the pronunciation of each sentence.

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