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Nino- Theos

Singer wishes he were God for a day

Today’s song is Greek pop “Θεός/Theos” (God) by the Greek singer Nino!

Remember yesterday how we talked about the use of “alpha to omega” in Greek Christianity to signify “the beginning and end”?
It makes a lot more sense now, doesn’t it, since we have the ‘God’ theme going on!
Did you guess correctly from yesterday’s teaser and hint?

In this song, Nino praises and admires his love.
He thinks of her as the perfect creation and
this way, even if he were God, he wouldn’t change a thing about her.

Hmm, doesn’t this remind you of any other American song?
Ah good ol’ Bruno Mars! Another oldie but a goodie!

So if you could be a god for a while, what would you change? Tell us below!

Stromae- Papaoutai

Music Fridays- Stromae ‘Papaoutai’

Bringing you another Music Friday! 

Today’s song is called Papaoutai by Stomae.

Stromae is a Belgian musician who frequently and cleverly plays on words and pronunciation.

Case and point- the non-existent word “Papaoutai” is written exactly how the phrase “Papa, où t’es?” (Dad, where are you?) is pronounced.

Do you remember and can you find any other phrases in the song that rhyme with “Papaoutai”? Tell us below!

Shakira- Suerte

Bringing you new Music Fridays! Shakira ‘Suerte’

Hey guys!

While our Champolu game implements minimal pairs between two languages to help you learn a new language, we want to show you that there are many other examples out there that you can learn from.

One of the best methods? International music! From now on, each Friday we’ll share a song we’re listening to in a foreign language, along with some English subtitles so you could learn as you go along.

Today’s song is an oldie but a goodie- Suerte by Shakira!

So we all know what ‘Suerte’ means now.

But it seems there are two different meanings for “la vida”- do you know what they are? Tell us below!